Scapergrace – Dry Gin


I am an entrepreneur, attorney, and global business director, but most importantly, I am Chief Troublemaker and I help individuals navigate the business world while trying to create new stuff. So, whether you are trying to climb the corporate ladder in a non-traditional way within your organization, or are building something that you can call your own. I work with risk takers and rule breakers helping them create good trouble.

Hi, I'm Brandon

Thanks to the bartender at the Conrad Hotel in Las Vegas for turning me onto this gin.  I love gin and am particularly interested in the non-traditional versions.  This black beauty is not only delicious with tonic but is also an experience as you watch the color change from black to purple as it comes into contact with high pH, like a tonic.  It reminds me a lot of the Empress 1908, but it uses Aronia Berry in addition to the butterfly pea blossom and other botanicals.  It has very unique citrus, licorice, and juniper palate with a slight hint of berry.

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