Chief Troublemaker

Brandon helps individuals navigate the business world while trying to create new stuff. So, whether you are trying to climb the corporate ladder in a non-traditional way within your organization, or are building something that you can call your own, Brandon works with risk takers and rule breakers helping them create good trouble.

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Cosmetic Product Development

Turn-key product development for skin care and hair care applications through Lubrizol Life Science Accelerator Program.

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Hi, I am Brandon

Ready to get into some trouble

Whether you are trying to create something new while navigating the perilous world of corporate America or you're building a new brand. Brandon is here to help. 

Brandon Lee Ford, is currently the Chief Accelerator Director of the Lubrizol Life Science Accelerator Program, a role he created within the organization and which allows him to bring his entrepreneurial mindset, passion for learning and curiosity toward life to his role operating a startup within the walls of a 90-year-old company. 

Speaking engagements

Diversity & inclusion

o Beauty
o Home
o Indie beauty


o How to bring innovation to established companies
o Moving the needle through innovation
o How to get stakeholder buy-in
o Being more agile – launch with less fear and more speed

Business development

o Getting investor attention – what brands need to know and do
o Leading transformational change within an organization
o Mergers and acquisitions in beauty category


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Best Regards, is everything you wanted to say, but didn' growth, leadership, and entrepreneurship. We’re asking you to tell us about your professional experiences when there was something that needed to be said by you, but wasn't. We will say it, write it, and walk in our truth together because we believe that the more we share these common experiences, the more we break free from whatever is holding us back.

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